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Madeira Acessível By Wheelchair…

Country/ Province: Portugal
Category: Day Trips
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Caminho Da Mae De Deus , 9125-101 , Caniço, Portugal

Phone: +351 918 133 503
Email: info@madeiraacessivelbywheelchair.com
Website: www.madeiraacessivelbywheelchair.com/

We are a company based in Madeira Island, Portugal. We focus our services on people with reduced mobility. Our concept is based on the finding of the physical barriers that people in wheelchairs face on a daily basis. From stairs to high walks.

Our role is to minimize these barriers and provide transport services and carry out activities that have been difficult or even impossible for people with difficulty in getting around, such as Levadas. Our motto is THE IMPOSSIBLE WILL BE POSSIBLE.

In order to achieve this goal we have given ourselves specific equipment, such as an adapted vehicle, fold-out ramps and an all-terrain wheelchair, unique in Portugal.

Our island is a land with enormous beauty, mountains and sea. In these mountains there are the "Levadas", a designation given to an irrigation channel or aqueduct flanked by a pedestrian path and are specific to the island. These channels have an extension of more than 2000 km and are likely to be covered on foot. Due to their landscape beauty, and their surroundings in nature, they are highly sought after by those who visit us.

Most have no width, no wheelchair access, but we managed to list and make two levadas with our all-terrain wheelchair, these being the Balcões and the Queimadas. The first has a duration of 1h30 m and at the end, has a viewpoint overlooking the mountains, where we can feed the birds (which simply come to our hands) and contemplate the silence. The second has an average duration of also 1h30m and at the end has access to a small park with ducks, plants and a café with some cakes and drinks (Parque das Queimadas).

But we do not stay here, we also do the normal tourist tours, where people can visit several emblematic places of Madeira, such as the viewpoint of Cabo Girão or the Lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo.

In addition to these two places, we have more variety of places to visit, such as museums, wicker factory, wine and embroidery, distilleries, gardens, such as the botanical garden (Jardim Botânico). This last on, only with the feature of the off-road chair. All are part of our portfolio, and always contemplate accessibility for our customers and the certainty that they can discover them in total safety.

All our routes go through adapted toilets.

Our car is adapted up to 3 wheelchairs and up to 7 people (always depending on the size and quantity of the wheelchairs).

Ending with a description of our services (with driver and a guide except for transfers where only the driver goes):
• Routes in specific levadas
• Sightseeing tours around the island
• Airport or port/hotel transfers
• Pickup and drop off (example: going to dinners or specific locations)


Caminho Da Mae De Deus , 9125-101 , Caniço, Portugal

Phone: +351 918 133 503
Website: www.madeiraacessivelbywheelchair.com/
Email: info@madeiraacessivelbywheelchair.com

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We are a company based in Madeira Island, Portugal. We focus our services on people with reduced mobility. Our concept is...

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